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all. heat advisories and warnings in place for 17 states from texas to michigan as temperatures hit the triple digits in some spots. what do we have in store for us. good morning. i'm charley crowson. let's get to justin berk with the latest. >> that area of high pressure located over the nation's heartland slowly working its way east. the last couple of times we've gotten a heat wave, we get a taste of it. we don't get the full-on surge. we may get more. we started our 90-degree count. 71 in baltimore. 60s towards york pa. we'll be looking at extreme uv index and temperatures reaching 90.
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there maybe high thin clouds. how high will it get this week. we'll talk about that. right now, here's traffic. let's take a look at 795. we're doing okay at cockeys mill. traffic is heavier. the incident that we're dealing with, 95 southbound past the toll plaza have a disabled vehicle. and an accident still being cleaned up baltimore eastbound at gay street. charley. ten years ago today a tunnel fire shut down parts of baltimore city. we're getting a better understanding. this morning abc2 is live downtown with sherrie johnson. >> reporter: it's the 10th
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anniversary of the howard street tunnel fire. this fire was caused after a 60-car train derailment it. sparked a kedge cal fire that lasted for several days. three orioles games were canceled. freight along the east coast stopped. calls were made to divert dangerous cargo. but a decade later freight trains continue to go through. work to cost about a billion dollars. today mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and first responders will talk about the partnership between the city and csx. reporting live at helicopter kindergarten did live at camden yards. back to you. a pennsylvania man will be locked new an ocean city jail. investigators say he tried to sell an undercover officer drugs and tried to escape. the gentleman you see here tried
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to sell drugs to an undercover cop near 19th and the boardwalk. when mcgovern tried to take off there was a struggle. mcgovern pulled it into reverse, dragging the officer with him. the officer has since been treated and released for his injuries. gas prices are going up again. they dropped 20 cents during a two-month peempletd the national average is sits at $3.67, 30-cents below early mai. those peak prices, analysts said we're not headed towards $4 a gas this summer. >> the group built a home for
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the vet. >> reporter: the guard riders escorted adam and his family to their new cheel chair accessible home. 2005 the sergeant lost his arm and leg in an eggs ploax. >> never in a million years would have expected to have all these people in support of me. >> reporter: until then his family has lived in this home with narrow hallways. >> for me to get to take my leg whoever at the end of the day and give my body a chance to recover, it will give my quality of life a huge boost. >> reporter: it's an open layout and cubbies for his prosthetic limbs. >> all the doors, all have push buttons. >> reporter: since 2004 they have billed more than 100 homes for wounded warriors. now they hope to build 100 more.
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>> they fight for our freedom and independence. >> reporter: organizers call it a labor of love with hundreds of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated supplies. >> this has been a very humbling experience. when we started it, we didn't know if we would be on our way. the different people that help with the project sun believable. >> reporter: the family said all of this outreach, much of this from complete strangers, has been overwhelming. >> to talk about military members and their families. it's hard. so, yeah but i know we're going to be okay. i wish that everyone had this opportunity. >> reporter: they hope to give back offering the same support they receive from the community.
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it was billed as one of the best blues festivals in north america but something went horribly wrong. concert goers escaped injury as an outdoor stage collapsed because of weather. journalists described the way casey anthony left jail. plus, profits are being made off the casey anthony trial. the scam alert you need to know b first, let's go back to new york with a look at this morning's business headlines. good morning. topping america's mony. ford's ceo said there's an economic recovery in your future. in an interview, he says the
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improving economy is the result of oil price and getting over the earth quick. general motors will announce up dating the assembly plant in flint, michigan. it's appearing more like lit nation's second largest back store chain will be liquidated. last night was the dead line to keep borders in business and there were none. harry potter keeps working his magic. "harry potter and the deathly hallows. part 2" took in $169 million domestically. it's on course to become a billion dollar worldwide hit. this's america's money.
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welcome back. no one knows for sure where casey anthony is or if she's in the u.s. she left jail just after midnight sunday morning with her attorney and hoped into an suv and took off. about 1,000 people were outside chanting and protesting. meantime overnight we learned this plane may have been the one to take anthony to a secure area to stay. it was seen parked here at an airport near san francisco sunday. reports are the plane may belong to an attorney associated with casey anthony's attorney. >> if you were casey anthony, where would you g also, do you think it's right for her to
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profit through her experience? leave your comments at our facebook page. you can get to it by abc2 back slash facebook. every time a story breaks, scammers try top find a way to prompt this morning we have details on how some are out there profiling the casey anthony to their advantage. it's all part of this week's scam alert. >> last sthot charge of first-degree murder, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> reporter: this was a story that stunned and a case that captivated the nation. this was the trial of this century and across the country people wanted to hear every detail. scammers hope you're still interested. that ease why they're making the rounds with a scheme. a link that supposedly shows
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anthony confessing to killing has been popping up on afternoon. don't click. it's just a tease. we warned you about similar videos after the tsunami in japan. this one will give you the same results. you'll likely spread it to your facebook frenlsd. you won't hear a confession, just get tied new a survey scheme. so to get latest scoop, wait for the tellall book. and don't being fooled by this headline. check this out. in omaha, nebraska, an amusement park is using ice to school the pool. now with the water in the pools feeling more like bath water, owners decided to drop ice in there to cool the crowd. you know, justin, thinking about that temperatures in the water, when it gets into the 80s and
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90s, pools are less refreshing. >> what's the comfort level. i have no idea. there was a spot where the water temperatures got into the 90s and one swimmer died as a result. >> i think ones you get above 85, 86 degrees, it starting to feel less refreshing. let's take you outside this morning. that's going to be a nice refreshing thought. look, i hate heat. there's only so many layers of clothing you can take off. southwest winds at three miles an hour. we're looking across the inner harbor.
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when we start talking about light weather, the real tropics, northern bahamas, tropical storm bret. this storm 50-mile-an-hour winds. bret will be mimicking and staying well off the shoreline, just some high surf expected. for us, however, we're talking about the warm temperatures. 71 in baltimore, then you got mid to upper 70s. a cluster of thunderstorms. looks like it's sliding to new york state, new england, may get its day. this is part of a boundary that will slide towards the south. we'll watch storms. our computer model may not be doing full justice. then we'll watch another flareup during the day and tomorrow evening that will hold our temperatures in check before we
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head into wednesday. we'll get this thing off the coast. even the beaches have to deal with the rough weather. 94 today. we've done that, less comfortable. orange air quality. tonight we slide this back to 73. after midnight, in fact, this time tomorrow we could be dealing with storms. another round that should hold us to 91. 95 wednesday. 97 thursday. these numbers are subject to change. one day this week we have a run for 100. there could be another day or two tagged along with that. let's see as youing that along with traffic. >> more people starting to get up and get onto the door. let's take a look at the beltway. we're' doing okay. 659 at liberty road. it's the outer loop to the left of your screen. the incidents, an accident and
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an accident at 197 in bowie. a disabled vehicle and fire activity remains, reisterstown road at patterson avenue. watch out for emergency vehicles. after months of tragedy, japan taking a welcome break basking in the unlikely victory. japan became the first asian nation beating the u.s. in penalty shots. well, the indians, they scored three at camden yards before dropping 8-3 to the 's. the second baseman hit one of the four home runs to help the birds win their second straight, ending a nine-game skid that ended on saturday night. we learned overnight that
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hbo's real sports will get genuine moments from the har but a family. john har barks the baltimore ravens head coach, they will be together on a family vacation. it will air on hbo tomorrow night at 10:00. activists are trying to raise awareness for cervical cancer and have come up with an unusual idea. they strung hundreds of pair of underwear along the purple people bridge on saturday. one young girl, whose mother died of cervical cancer said she is determined not have her mother's memory forgotten. >> i got the idea. since cervical cancer, i thought of underwear. >> the event was dubbed panties across the bridge.
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doctors say it's important for women to have routine pap smears. the media empire, but there's more growing controversy over the hacking scandal and the ties to rupert murdoch and who has resigned and who is denying any accusation. also, chaos at a blues festival when the stage gave way to weather. how many people were injured. you're watching good morning maryland first and only at 4:30. as we go to brairks happy birthday to people. carla is sole braight. want to wish her a happy birthday. also, lisa. we want to wish both of these lovely ladies a happy birth day.
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stir up a smile.
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the main stage collapsed during a cheap trick concert as fans ran for cover. at least five were injured. the home beers of the band got off the stage safely but witnesses say the musicians were thrown off their feet. >> the stage started to fall backwards. i don't know. it felt slow, but everyone got out. >> blues fest is one of the main events. the festival first started in
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1994 and has since grown from a one-stage three day event to a multistage event. rupert murdoch's media empire is being bought. rebecca brooks is free on bail after being held for 12 hours. >> have no knowledge of the extent of this disgraceful practice or the extent of it, and the repugnant nature. >> rebecca brock is the editor of the news of the world and held that most from 2000 to 2003 when much of the alleged criminal activity took place. she remains insistent that she knew nothing about any of it.
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hundreds marched through istanbul protesting the am burchlt it happened last week. they waved turkish crowds as they sang the turkish national anthem. turkey has been fighting since the mid-1980s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in india after visiting greessments she has vowed strong support for greece' economic plan and want to protect the cultural object frx stolen. it was supposed to be a nice vacation from d.c. up to new york state, but a tour buss a crashed with a deadly ending. who investigators plan on interviewing sometime today. i would never grab a woman's
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got to produce. >> that's not happening, though. what president obama says needs to happen this week about that debt crisis. they both worked for the former governor, bob ehrlich's campaign. they're both working to stay out of jail, accused of making robocall. it's a huge paint job being done on the bridge, what you may run into, oral that and more on this monday, july 18th. it's been miserable across much of the midwest with high temperatures expected in the 90s and possibly hundreds. we have more on the weather alert and the impact it's having on parts of the u.s. all right. we'll get to that in a moment. we've got temperatures back up
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to 90s. fairly typical summer type weather. we're expecting the highs to build upen themselves -- up on themselves. this is nothing like last summer. it is so hot that employees at this local pool have been tossing ice cubes to cool it down. apparently we have a national package. >> reporter: it's so hot in omaha, nebraska, that employees have tossed ice into the poo. it's gripping the middle of the nation. advisories and warnings have been posted in 17 states from texas, north to minnesota and east to ohio. in five states temperaturessed to the century mark. it's expected to hover across the midwest for five more swell

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